“Liquid Lace, a fly tiers dream for a perfect body.
                    Possibly the best tubing ever designed for the fly tier.”

Liquid Lace – the original lace that was designed to be filled with oil
(originally called LiquiLace)

The Fly Tiers Dream for a Perfect Body

Liquid Lace is a specially designed product for tying natural shinny waxy looking bodies on flies. The translucent qualities of this material allow you to tie a body of any colour you desire. There are 15 colours in two sizes of lace to choose from. After purchasing Liquid Lace, take it to a pharmacy and ask for a 27g 1/2″ long needle, 29g for micro lace, 3 ml syringe and also purchase some baby or mineral oil. Fill the syringe with oil, insert the needle in one end of the lace and inject the oil until it comes out the other end. Tie or clamp one end off and now you are ready to start tying.

Start tying your fly as you have in the past with the tail, if any, tied in first. Run your thread back to where your thorax will begin, then tie in your lace with four wraps of thread to lock in the oil. Sparsely tie the lace back to the tail along the hook streching the lace. Again tie your lace in with four wraps. With the use of Pantone pens, or any desired colour or materials such as crystal flash, you can dress the underbody. When you start applying the lace streching it realeasing tension as you wrap towards the thorax to give you a nice tappered body. Tie off your lace with four or five wraps and continue finishing your fly in the normal manner.

Recommened Pro Markers, Tria Markers and Sharpie Markers. Use reds, olive green, black, brown, greys, oranges and yellows.

Note: When using this product you must use water based fly head cement.